In the next couple of weeks, the midterm elections will be here. The midterm elections are the elections where seats in the House of Representatives and Senate change. Many are excepting and hoping that the Senate and House of Representatives turn blue. According to an article from NBC news, it says “One of the Democrats’ chief advantages this midterm season has been that they’ve been much more fired up about the upcoming election than Republicans have.” The Democrats are trying to take over the House and Senate but the Republicans are closing the enthusiasm gap according to a poll by NBC news. Shyann Holder, 21 years old and a Democrat, said, “I believe it would turn blue due to the majority rule. When there’s a big influence its hard for people to not go with the flow.” When asked if Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing would play a role in him being confirmed to the Supreme Court Holder, Bedford-Stuyvesant resident, said “Yes, the supreme court is the highest justice system in terms of the law. Human rights issues that have gone down in history all succeeded through the supreme court.”

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