So, remember when I said that I had a really bad week like two weeks ago it only got worst the following week. So lately I was having headaches and not feeling like myself. I knew it had to deal with my iron because previously I was diagnosed with Iron-Deficiency Anemia so I went to the doctor on 5/9 to just have a check-up and make sure everything was ok. The following day 5/10 I got a call from the doctors nurse and she told me my hemoglobin level was low. She was afraid that I was going to pass out so she told me to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion. I was so scared because I never had a blood transfusion before. Long story short is that I didn’t get released from the hospital until 5/11 and Ive never been so excited to go home.

Sb: I learned my blood type lol I am the worst

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