So last week I pretty much had a bad week. It was bad everyday but the days that it was, matter fact certain events made it bad.

This pretty much how I felt 

To make a long story short I’ll just tell you about some of the events. On Wednesday I got out of class early thinking I was going to be early to work. NOPE there was no E train at Jamaica center. Like why when Im ready to leave theres messed up train service.

Then on Thursday I try to get to class and no J train wants to come. Let don’t get me wrong I was running late but still. I ultimately gave up and went back home because I just could not deal with it anymore.  Idk why people say MTA is the best way to get around because it is not. 

Then when I got back home Thursday I went with my mom downtown Brooklyn.  We downtown and my debit card decides it does not want to work. Like I was so embarrassed because I knew I had money. I had to go all the way to the bank for a new card. The guy who helped me could not even tell me what was wrong. 

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