I Was In The Hospital

So, remember when I said that I had a really bad week like two weeks ago it only got worst the following week. So lately I was having headaches and not feeling like myself. I knew it had to deal with my iron because previously I was diagnosed with Iron-Deficiency Anemia so I went to […]

My Phone Camera Cracked

On Saturday My phone camera cracked in the back. It was the lightest fall and everything. Like I could not even be mad at myself. Im only mad at the fact that I wont be able to fix it until my day off. Like how am I going to take my pictures and Videos.  This […]

My Dog

This is so random but I love my dog so much . He is just so cute and lovable. Everybody falls in love with him. He loves to play even though he lazy. One sad thing about him is that I may be allergic to him that wont stop me from playing with him though. […]

This Weeks Difficulties

Over the weekend  I had a stuffed nose and it was making me cough. Nothing I was doing was making it feel better. My mom was tired of hearing me cough and sound congested. She kept saying “Blow Your NOSE” Little did she know nothing was coming out. So the whole time she complaining Im […]