What is a fill in?

A fill-in is also known as a refill. A fill-in is the upkeep of nails. Its the same process of putting the acrylic nails on but does not require putting the actual nail on. A feeling is required every 2 weeks unless it is time for a new set of acrylic nails.

How do you pick designs?

When I first started getting my nail done my designs used to come from the internet. The designs were based on things I liked that I saw other people do. Now my designs come straight from my nail technician. He is a really creative and he knows what I like so he combines them, and […]

Do they make your nails weak?

It all depends on the person. I would say my nails became stronger. Although recently I’ve had problems with my nails it was because I wasn’t taking care of them. For a while, I used to just get my nails wrapped but then they broke and I started to do acrylic nails again. I would recommend taking care […]

Who does the best nails?

I have had so many different nail technicians. A good nail salon with good nail technicians that I would recommend is BlingBling Nails. They have a very big fan base on Instagram. Sometimes people assume the more money you pay the better the nails but there are nail salons that have cheaper prices that do […]

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are pretty much fake nails. They are used as nail extensions and are known as fashion accessories. They are made to look like actual nails. If done by the right person people won’t know they are fake.  They are different than regular manicures because they require more of an upkeep. They can be […]

I Was In The Hospital

So, remember when I said that I had a really bad week like two weeks ago it only got worst the following week. So lately I was having headaches and not feeling like myself. I knew it had to deal with my iron because previously I was diagnosed with Iron-Deficiency Anemia so I went to […]