Usually, I would never go to an art exhibit but this past Tuesday, guess what I did.

So on Tuesday, I got a chance to go to the art exhibit at my college. It’s called the Southeast Queens Biennial. The work is made by all different artist that is from the Southeast Queens area. I’m assuming they created this exhibit to show the work of the Queens artist because our school is in Queens.

This piece of artwork is by Janet Henry which is called Democracy. It was created in 2018. Janet Henry invites people to leave an object that belongs to them in so she can add them to the exhibition or as she calls it “lariat”.

This art is by Natali S. Bravo-Barbee. She was born in Cordoba, Argentina but lives in Southeast Queens. Bravo-Barbee is a photographer who uses a combination of ways to retain memories. The work in the exhibition is about when Bravo-Barbee used to window shop while growing up in Queens.

This is by Sana Musasama who was born and lives in St. Albans, Queens. Sana Musasama is a ceramicist, humanist and world traveler. With her work, she has traveled and worked in many parts of the world. Her work is based on her wanting to gain knowledge and understanding different cultures. I liked this piece because it was a different type of work that we do not get to see at other art shows.

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