One important event happening right now is the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Trying to catch up or stay caught up with the results can be difficult. NBC has created a way to watch live/virtual reality video. According to an NBC article, there’s an NBC Sports VR app there is footage available to watch on the VR headsets.

Some people may feel like this technology is too much. Others may feel the new technology is helpful and something new. I feel like I am just confused by this technology and the hyper; links within the article was not really helpful. One thing I like is that on the Discovery Page on Snapchat you can see whats going on within the Olympics.

The new technology gives you access to get a feel of actually being there and knowing the results when everyone else see’s them. Buzzfeed invested into NBC and they are working with each other to create  better content for Snapchat.





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