Since I am using this website for one of my classes for school my professor introduced us to some websites to help us get going and get people interested in our blog. This website gives different website or apps to help create creative, unique blogs. One of the things I do use now for my blogs is Grammarly. I know many of you have used it or heard about it already. I know I am late using this website but its really helpful, it checks your grammar and makes suggestions on how to fix them. It’s kind of like the spell check on the Microsoft word. I would recommend using Grammarly because it is convenient and accessible. The website is very busy, it kind of an eye opener and to some, it can be an eyesore.

Copyblogger is also a good website because it offers tips to write professionally for your blogs. It offers tips for creative writing. I haven’t fully used it yet but I like the design. It draws you into the website and articles, kind of what I want my website to do. I will be using the website because one of the articles offers tips on identifying yourself as an artist. The website its self-has interesting titles and interesting pictures. The titles make you want to click and see what the articles are about.

These are just some helpful tips to look into if you are starting a blog or anything of that sort. I honestly think both websites work and will come in handy. I included links to every website I stated. I would recommend trying them and if you have any others let me know.

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