The semester just started and I already feel like I am drowning in assignments. Trying to get my assignments done and manage to go to work and still hang out with friends is hard. After having a long break you have to gradually get into a flow of going back to class. School can be a funk but push yourself to continue. Be your own motivation.

One thing I learned is when you don’t have fun during the semester the semester does not go smoothly. Just learn to make time for friends, parties, video games or whatever you like to do for fun. Don’t just sit at home and stress yourself out with school work. During the Fall 2017 semester, I enjoyed myself and received all good grades. I learned that when you don’t stress and have fun you will always have time to study. Sometimes breaks are needed so you go back to studying with a fresh mind.

According to an article called, you should mentally prepare yourself for a new semester. You should always plan and write down due dates in a calendar or planner. Always keep them updated. Plan to have some downtime for yourself because that gives you self-motivation. One thing you should always do is reward yourself for your success according to the article. Personally, I self-reward as well, it could be little things like if I complete all my assignments by Friday I go out with my friends during the weekend.

Just keep going. 




    Keep going! One assignment at a time, or work on a few at short spurts of time, take breaks and know that it will get done!

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