Blog Ideas

I’m back using my website. I have not used it for over a year. I don’t know what I am going to talk about yet within my blog post. I have three ideas. One is about entertainment news and the other would be helping other people get their businesses out there. I know many people […]

I Was In The Hospital

So, remember when I said that I had a really bad week like two weeks ago it only got worst the following week. So lately I was having headaches and not feeling like myself. I knew it had to deal with my iron because previously I was diagnosed with Iron-Deficiency Anemia so I went to […]

My Phone Camera Cracked

On Saturday My phone camera cracked in the back. It was the lightest fall and everything. Like I could not even be mad at myself. Im only mad at the fact that I wont be able to fix it until my day off. Like how am I going to take my pictures and Videos.¬† This […]

Last Week Was One Of The Worse Weeks

So last week I pretty much had a bad week. It was bad everyday but the days that it was, matter fact certain events made it bad. This pretty much how I felt¬† To make a long story short I’ll just tell you about some of the events. On Wednesday I got out of class […]

My website

Honestly Ive been working on my website and I still do not know what I want it to be about. Im interested in so many things but I kind of want my website to be about one subject. I know when I graduate I want to be a journalist but I do not want my […]

The End Of The Semester

The end of the semester is here and Im so not ready for this. Im ready but then Im not. I know I need a long beak but the amount of studying Im going to have to do. In my math class I have test the next three Mondays. And a test this Tuesday coming […]