New Writing Tips

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed a toolkit to help people learn to write on the web. The toolkit was created because the CDC went through trial and error to create good web posts. The CDC gives good social media and communication strategies. Some tips they gave was identifying your audience and determining the […]

Techniques for Web Writing

Improving Online Writing by: Jayda Myrick Since I first started writing for the web I did not know much. Now I can so I learned so many new techniques and I would like to help others. There are so many ways to improve your online writing and technology concepts. To improve writing, being precise, brief and […]

Web Writing in Different Forms

There are many news stories and major news websites. To make or create a unique news story you have to be different from others. Many of the unique websites or stories have things in common. The similarities could be the technology, web design and topics of the stories. SX Salon Kelly Baker Josephs is an English professor […]

State of Emergency

Cuomo Visits NYCHA and Declares a State of Emergency by: JaydaM Governor Cuomo Visits Housing Complex Governor Andrew Cuomo went on a tour of a housing complex in East Harlem. The housing complex is apart of New York City Housing Authority. The complex is Taft Houses. The tour of the NYCHA complex comes after many […]

New Blog Idea

Next major post that I will be writing is will be about one of these: Governor Cuomo announced a state of emergency for New York City Public Housing The start of the jury selection for the “Brooklyn Butcher” who stabbed two children in the elevator killing one. Driver who hit and killed two kids in Park […]

Blog Helpers

Since I am using this website for one of my classes for school my professor introduced us to some websites to help us get going and get people interested in our blog. This website gives different website or apps to help create creative, unique blogs. One of the things I do use now for my […]